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Our services

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In 1995; Amelie de Chassey founded her own Legal Consulting Company, A2C.

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Inter Multimedia Artists, AIM is a new kind of talent agent who represents a panel of people with utterly distinctive backgrounds, fields and personalities.
There’s just one thing they all have in common : a proven talent.

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AIM represents and defends the rights of composers, authors, publishers and independent labels in order to manage their artistic careers and make sure that they get noticed and well-known by the Film industry, as well as Television and/or Advertising producers.

Music Supervisor and Executive Production: Essential connection between the Director and the Composer, the Music Supervisor is responsible for a wide range of aspects in the music business : legal issues, score recording, director/composer relationship, etc. As a Music Supervisor for films, TV and commercials, AIM – along with the most reliable and respected people in the industry -, works hard on placing the perfect and best-matching cues in film’s scores.

Executive Producer: AIM can take more responsibility over the entire soundtrack. Whether from her own portfolio of artists or other French/International composers, AIM can provide featuring, guest appearances, and if necessary pre-existing cues and scores. Most importantly, AIM and its team provide and guarantee the whole Executive Production process, from the first soundtrack to its prospective marketing in all media. As a result, AIM is authorized to negotiate with any third party for the drafting and finalization of all agreements (synchronization and transfer contracts – advising, producing, fund-raising, etc.) In short, AIM is committed to deliver the best soundtrack within the limits of the approved budget, ensuring unquestioned professionalism as well as technical and artistic quality.

On the one hand, AIM serves as direct producer. On the other hand, AIM serves as an intermediate between medium to full-length films and the world of music. AIM is also in charge of finding subsidies and external funding required to complete the filmmaking. AIM takes responsibility for all production assuming potential inherent risks.

Music Production and Distribution: Under its label ‘Amélie Aime le Cinéma’ – http://www.amelieaimelecinema.com – AIM licenses and distributes original soundtracks of old and new films..

Music publishing – Les Editions Amélie: This publishing company allows AIM to invest for the sake of its composers to maximize both the production of old and new original soundtracks and new productions as Sango, Benjamin Sortes, Nicolas Bauguil aka « Bogue ».

Les Editions AMELIE’s first mission is to ensure the administrative and commercial management of a publishing catalog throughout the world:

1 -Drafting and finalizing of all agreements : copyright transfer agreements, adaptation contracts, authorizations, co-publishing contracts, sub-publishing contracts, synchronization contracts, executive production contracts, composer contracts, etc.

2 – Obtain signature of eligible parties.

3 – Accomplish all formalities needed to protect the artists’ works, in particular the registration of copyright and the declaration of the works at the SACEM (one of the world’s largest authors’ societies).

4 – Negotiate and provide agreements for the use and exploitation of soundtracks: jingles, commercials, samples, multimedia, Internet, etc.

5 – Verify and validate the authors, composers and music publishers’ advertising requirements in audiovisual works credits.

6 – Check out the payments by the SACEM or other authors’ societies to the entitled beneficiaries, establish the bi-annual account for the authors, composers and any other potential eligible party.

7 – Hold the bi-annual accounts of the different incomes and expenses within the publisher’s catalog.

8 – The exclusive right to grant ‘not exclusive’ licenses for the recording and commercial reproduction of works on mechanical support, and also for the works’ secondary and derivative rights.

In consideration of the above duties, Les Editions Amélie will receive a commission to be determined on a case by case basis.

Publishing catalog management: Similarly, AIM has the exclusive management of several publishing catalogs: Les Editions Amelie, Other artists’companies’ catalogs such as Végétal (Emilie Simon), Artists like Sporto Kantes, TV production companies’ like PM Holding and Made in PM, Music producers like P2S (DJ Maze, Djenna), Commercial advertisers such as All You Need Is songs, Multimedia producers Bip Editions Companies such as Mars Films and Mars Distribution…